Time, Space, and Knowledge

| Ton Haarmans

Time, Space, and Knowledge

TSK I became acquainted with this book during my doctoral studies. One of my andragology professors had become interested in this. I had previously attended a workshop on the philosophy of space and time. The theory of relativity was a large part of that study. Very interesting! And so I found the title of the book rather intriguing and started reading. It was written by a Tibetan Buddhist lama, but it does not contain any 'spiritual' or 'religious' words or concepts. On the contrary, it is very lucidly and rationally written and illustrated with beautiful micro photos of crystals and minerals.

Crystal 'TSK', as the work is often called, illuminates and transcends our 'normal' understanding of space, time and knowledge. This concept and with it our experience is usually rather limited and is characterized by the handling and imposition of boundaries and separations. Time, Space, and Knowledge explores the possibility that our current understanding of reality represents only one particular "focal setting" on experience.

Space, time and knowledge are also precisely those categories of our experience that are overlooked and usually taken completely for granted. But which at the same time make every experience possible!

"TSK challenges any and all limits on knowing and being. So it explores all persistent and habitual experiential structures that condition and prejudice experience—including rigid hierarchy, and unquestionable beliefs, attitudes, and authority." TSK Association

By means of a large number of exercises our experience is opened and broadened and offers a unified vision that unfolds from the interplay of space, time and knowledge and thus literally opens the view to limitless creativity in ourselves and the universe we are seamlessly part of.

(When I read my own writing like this, I get inspired myself and maybe I should dive into it again ...)