| Ton Haarmans


My non-fiction bookshelves I am a bookworm. Always has been, only recently it has been a bit less. I have always liked to read books in the field of natural sciences. In addition I read fiction in the form of science fiction. Later also philosophy, psychology and 'spiritual' works.

Hundreds of books have touched me and changed me over time, but only a few have stood the test of time that I can still read and recommend today. These are also the books and writings that still influence me and that I can keep reading and studying. So-called 'real' literature has somehow never attracted me. Maybe later that will come?

Below is a list of the books that I want to discuss on these pages (we will see how far I will get). When compiling this list, I noticed that there is almost no book from the time when I was hunting for 'enlightenment'. Fortunately, that is all over ...

They are all books that are in one way or another revolutionary, in other words represent a break: a different way of looking and experiencing than we are used to ...