Living without answers

To my astonishment, in this vista of unknowing, I find everything wide open again, so open that not even the Gurus can close it up, for here, even they, are totally at a loss."

Adam J. Pearson


This life, this happening, what is it?
How and why is there a universe?
How and what is consciousness?
What happens when we die?

Does the physical universe produce brains that generate consciousness or is the universe, including brains, merely an appearance in consciousness?

I have spent much of my life searching for answers to these questions. In science, in philosophy and also in ('non-dualistic') spirituality ... I really wanted to know ...


Until I discovered that 'answers' are not the answer


Any so-called 'answer' to these questions can, in my opinion, be nothing more than (part of) a belief system, because it is impossible to answer them definitively. And I've always wondered why the hell you should settle for just 'believing' or taking refuge in some form of magical thinking *) …

The human mind is unable to transcend itself, for everything there is, appears in the same mind, and so it is impossible to fathom the ultimate nature of the mind and its contents.

You might even ask yourself: what is knowing? When you say you 'know' something, what does that mean exactly? Can I know my hand? Can I know my wife? Can I know this piece of land? What can I actually know? What if knowing is a delusion of the mind?

If that thought doesn't leave you speechless…

With the insight that definitive answers cannot possibly exist, the search has largely stopped and the questions have also disappeared.

All I know for sure is the flow of experience (perceptions, thoughts and feelings) that is happening here and now. What it is that flows: I don't know and I don't think anyone knows or can even know.

This fundamental inability of the human mind to answer final questions definitively also means that so-called spiritual "teachers" and gurus do not know it either, though they can do their best to give the impression that they do. "I don't know" is not a message that people want to hear (nor is it profitable…).


However: the fact that there can be no absolute answers to life's big questions liberates the mind to come up with new answers every day, like an artist!

"I don’t know" is both the beginning and the end of the circular journey of wisdom. It is it’s only natural start and only natural conclusion. And when that journey is complete, there is nothing left to do but to simply live whatever this is."

Shiv Sengupta


"Life is not some dead and static process that can be grasped, understood, defined and set aside once and for all.
It is vibrantly alive and exhibits a sublime freshness in every moment. It challenges us to meet it with the same vibrancy and the same freshness."

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*) see: magical thinking

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